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Originally Posted by Stryffe
No seperate section to type in. What you type is showing under other words until you hit enter. In the picture the words in white are just typed in and not entered for chat. If I am explaining correctly

PS there also seems to be an issue with buffs and their descritions not lining up. Of course it sould just be something I'm doing worng. /shrug.

Ok, the chat windows are a little different. This is where the original concept originated here . Basically where you are typing is a window unto itself. It's meant only for that. If something is written in that window and obstructing your view of what you are typing, simply typing in /clear and hitting enter should clear it out. Try moving your windows around and see if they are just overlapping.

As for the buff windows, they are not fixed yet which is why you are seeing the labels and whatnot misaligned. Thanks to Akenta, I should be able to get those fixed along with any other necessary changes (if any) and have the real post-update release ready to go in a few days.

Let me know if this works out for you or if it is still a problem.

Oink! Reborn
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