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05-28-2011, 01:19 AM warriorofmight
Nice UI, my only problem is i cant seem to close chat/ tell windows, or am i just missing something.


You are not missing anything In order to close unwanted windows, you will need to switch to the default interface (or another interface that allows closing the windows), and close the window, then switch back! Part of the sacrifice of having the cleaner windows I'm afraid.

Not sure if you figured this out in the few years after this post was made on the download page but you can close the chat window or any window for that matter by makeing sure the closebox style is set to close like...<Style_Closebox>true</Style_Closebox> (which yours is already set to on your chat window)then just right click on the titlebar or top of the window and choose close from the drop down menu. it is how I do mine and just wanted to share that with you.
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