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Default took a break, need to get socials buttons and hotbar back

I took an extended leave from Everquest for about a year.
I uninstalled Everquest from my computer but saved a copy of the UI files.

What I need help with is getting my hotbutton bar back to the way it was and the social tab on the actions window back the way it was. I was hoping that someone could point out the files where this information would be saved so i could add it to the UI i have working now. I was also wondering if there was any way i could get all the custom settings i had before back through the UI.

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The detail of what's mapped to what hotbutton is held on a per-character basis, not in UI files as such.

In the text below, charname is the first name of a character, and server is the first word of its servername.

In your top level EQ folder are files called charname_server.ini and UI_charname_server.ini.

In the first one, among other things, are held details like what your hotbuttons are mapped to, what chat channels you join at login, what resolutions you are working at, what your saved spellsets are and what's in them, and what UI you use.

In the second one are the positioning and size of all UI windows at all the resolutions you've ever used on that character on that PC, and the details of all the socials you've created.

There are also EQ-level preferences like what detail of names you show, whteher logging is on, what graphics models you use, whether the session alarm window comes on at login, and what color preferences you have set up for chat ... those are part of your eqclient.ini file.

If you didn't save these files when you quit EQ, you will need to start again from scratch.

Other files you might want to consider saving for character portability are BZR_charname_server.ini and BTR_charname_server.ini which store your trader and buyer pricelists, the whole "Audio Triggers" directory - which holds your AT soundfiles and sets, and from within the "User Files" directory, the AT_charname_server.ini files which map individual characters' audio triggers.
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