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Default Game Update Notes: 16 Dec 2015

  • TBM items now have guild tribute values.
  • Fixed items that had unintentional negative resist stats.
  • TBM bows, shields, and weapons now have the correct ornamentation slot 20.
  • Added focus effects to Deathseeker's Loremaster Greaves and Vambraces.
  • Swapped the focus effects on several raid arms and legs items. Arms
  • should have Cleave and Legs should have Ferocity.
  • TBM raid gear now has 75 purity.
  • Fixed the descriptions on Form of Endurance focus effects.
  • Fixed the description on Prismatic Ward focus effects.
  • Deathseeker's Soulrender Breastplate now has the Deflection Discipline Bonus focus effect.
  • Fixed the description on Knowledge of the Past XXII focus effect.
  • Fixed errors on several focus effects that were either backwards and/or more powerful than raid gear.
  • Fixed the descriptions on focus effects: Geomantra, Expanding Mind, Form of Defense, and Soothing Breath.
  • Sell back values for TBM raid items have been reduced.
  • Wither and Decay Hero's Forge Ornaments will no longer display as the wrong armor type.
  • TBM Deathseeker's helms now have Faerune.
  • TBM non-bow ranged items no longer have a type 21 ornament slot.
Quests & Events
  • Grannus no longer tells you that his spell resistance has dropped when it has not.
  • The achievements for wearing Vim and Vigor chain and leather sets now show the correct text in the achievement element descriptions.
  • The challenge achievements for Wither and Decay now refer to them by their correct names, and not "Death and Decay."
  • Credit will now be given properly for the "Three for One" and "Seven at One Blow" achievements.
  • The first and third achievement components in Vanquisher of Anashti Sul, Damsel of Decay are no longer reversed.
  • The vendors in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay are now combatable while at home and non-combatable while at work.
  • Pathing in Sul Vius: Demiplane of Decay and Sul Vius: Demiplane of Life should be improved.
Progression Servers
  • Corrected an issue where the level 1 necromancer pet Cavorting Bones would immediately generate low hp aggro with any attacker at full health.
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