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Default Temp Fix for Egras (The Seri Fix)

Also posted at http://www.eqinterface.com/forums/s...97763#post97763

Let me preface this with I know very little about xml, but this has fixed my UI, and was working as of 9/5/07 evening (ie pre 9/6 patch).

Also, my thanks to Serianna for maintaining this UI.

(1) log in your character and load your UI. It may be messed up, but this will convert pre-patch configuration settings in your UI_CHARACTERNAME_server.ini file to the new ones. You will then need to completely log out of EQ in order to make the necessary changes to your configuration files.

(2) In the EQUI.xml file in your Egras UI folder, you need to add the following line to the list of "Includes" but before </Composite>:


Syntax is apparently very important, as when I copied this using lower case i for "include" per a post for another UI, I would CTD when attempting to log in a character using the Egras UI.

(3) From the default UI folder, copy the EQUI_ClaimsWnd.xml file to your Egras folder. This may be optional, but it eliminates one potential error line in your error log.

(4) In your UI_CHARCTERNAME_server.ini file, you need to manually set the width and height parameters to the ones in the actual window xml files.

For example, my UI_CHARCTERNAME_server.ini file, the buffwindow (EQUI_BuffWindow.xml), short duration buff window (EQUI_ShortDurationBuffWindow.xmp), actions window (EQUI_ActionsWindow.xml) and map (EQUI_MapViewWnd.xml) were all set to the default UI window sizes, thereby cutting off or enlarging the Egras windows. I manually changed the settings to the ones stated in the individual xml files and that corrected those windows for me.

So, for the buffwindow, look for the following under [BuffWindow] in your UI_CHARCTERNAME_server.ini file ---


The "1280x1024" is the resolution setting for your monitor, and the 100 is the horizontal length and the 24 is the vertical length of the window. You will want to change the entry for the resolution that you use; if you use several resolutions, you may want to change each set.

For this example, change the 100 to 813 and the 24 to 79. 813 and 79 correspond to the <cx> and <cy> values as shown below taken from the Egras EQUI_BuffWindow.xml file (indenting below may be off due to my inability to format this post)

- <Screen item="BuffWindow">
- <!-- <ScreenID/> -->
- <Location>
- <Size>

Note, this information is located near the end of the file. You will want to repeat this procedure for each window that is off, and for each character file you want to use.

PLEASE NOTE, since SOE is itself working on a fix, you may want to make a backup of all your configuration files in the event the fix screws this work-around up.
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