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Category: Patches & AddonsGraphiteUI Updated (The Burning Lands)
This file is a Patch for Graphite TDS Compatible by firescue17. You must have that installed before this Patch will work.

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Name: GraphiteUI Updated (The Burning Lands)   Updated less than 3 days ago!
Date: 04-19-2019 05:16 PM
Size: 353.33 Kb
Version: v2019-04-19

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Size: 71.60 Kb
Dimensions: 548 x 551
Updated Inventory Window
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Size: 29.24 Kb
Dimensions: 500 x 731
Updated Big Bank Window
Was updating this UI for myself. Decided to share after I saw in forums posts people updating pieces of the UI but never uploaded anything.

Thanks to Firescue17 for making this UI!

To install:
1) Download Graphite UI from here. Graphite UI .

2) Unzip into your /Everquest/uifiles directory

3) Unzip this patch file you downloaded into your Graphite folder, overwriting ALL files.

Things planned but no ETA are
-Make a 2560px EQMain Window (Bottom Bar)
-Skin various windows

04/19/2019 Updates

Big Bank Window (EQUI_BigBankWnd)
- Fixed issue with 44 slog bags

Inventory (EQUI_Inventory)
- Updated Merc armor slots. (Thanks to RickeySnakes)

Past Updates

04/17/2019 Updates

Big Bank Window (EQUI_BigBankWnd)
- Bank Slots are now tabbed
- Coins, buttons, etc re-arranged

Find Item Window (EQUI_FindItemWnd)
- Graphite UI skinned (Thanks to RickeySnakes)

Key Ring Window (EQUI_KeyRindWnd)
- Graphite UI skinned

AA Window (EQUI_AAWindow)
- Added Current Rank / Next Rank Tab Pages
- Added Buy All Button

Audio Triggers Window (EQUI_AudioTriggersWindow)
- Added Volume Slider

Bandolier Window (EQUI_BandolierWnd)
-Added HotBar 11

BigBank Window (EQUI_BigBankWnd)
- Added Find Item Button and added 2 missing shared bank slots

Blocked Buffs (EQUI_BlockedBuffWnd)
- Added 10 missing slots. Throws Unkown vlabel in newly added slots

Blocked Pet Buffs (EQUI_BlockedPetBuffWnd)
- Added 10 missing slots. Throws Unkown vlabel in newly added slots

Cast Spell Window (EQUI_CastSpellWnd)
- Added 2 missing slots.

Chat (EQUI_ChatWindow, EQUI_ChatContainerWindow)
- Fixed to work with Tabs.
- As per requests, added optional chat windows
Choices are: Tabs and Titlebar (Default Chat)
Tabs and No Titlebar
No Tabs, TitleBar

-Made font a little bigger where you type.

Claimed Window (EQUI_ClaimWnd)
- Added Claim Item Description Box

Graphite Credits (Graphite_Credits)
- Changed graphic, but it's not very good, I am not good at doing graphics

Guild Management Window (EQUI_GuildManagementWnd)
- Added Page Numbers, Arrows etc

Hotbar 11
-Added Graphite_Hotbar_11 (New File)
-Updated EQUI_HotButtonWnd
-Updated Graphite_Hotbar_Labels

Inventory (EQUI_Inventory)
- Added Always Open Bags Tabs
- Added Find Item Button
- Added Keyring Button
- Added Luck Stat
- Added Velocity Stat
- Removed Mount and Evolving Tabs
- Updated AC Stat
- Updated Attack Stat
- Updated Currency Tab
- Moved Upgrade button inbetween Character Name and All Access days left at the top. It will only show when you have a Character upgrade available.
- Re-arranged bottom buttons

Item Display Window (EQUI_ItemDisplay)
- Added Fuse Button
- Added Print Items Button - Note that this button will only show up if an item contains real estate items
- Added Reward Button
- Fixed Convert Button

Main Window (EQUI_EQMainWnd) 1680px & 1920px
- Added Key Rings Button
- Fixed AC stat

Merchant Window (EQUI_MerchantWnd)
- Added Search Button
- Added MarketPlace Button
- Added Current Currency Label
- Added Adventure Button (Seen in Adventure Merchants)
- Added Clear Note Button (Seen in Parcel Merchants)

Options Window (EQUI_OptionsWindow) - Added Chat Filter Page (Tab)
- Added "Auto Add to Task Overlay" Checkbox to General Tab
- Added "Add Most Recent to Top" Checkbox to General Tab
- Added "Auto Show Rewards Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Blink Active Chat Window Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Log Out Over Parcel Limit Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Randomize Loading Music Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Save Set Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Show Only Open Steps Checkbox" to General Tab
- Added "Trophy Tribute Log Out Auto-Off" Checkbox to General Tab
- Added "Show Pre-Luclin Mount Checkbox" to Display Tab

Raid Options Window (EQUI_RaidOptionsWindow) - Added Group On Invite checkbox.

TaskOverlay Window (EQUI_TaskOverlayWnd)
- Skinned for GraphiteUI
- You can minimize the window

Task Window (EQUI_TaskWnd)
- Fixed the new checkbox
- Fixed the columns in the quest pane
- Made the "Quest Description box a little bigger

If you wish, you can delete EQUI_PotionBeltWnd.xml as it was removed from the game.

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