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Name: minbot
Date: 08-29-2003 02:15 PM
Size: 55.57 Kb
Version: N/A

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Views: 5380
Size: 181.24 Kb
Dimensions: 1024 x 768
This is a minimist UI -- borders and titlebars are removed, windows are compact and uncluttered, and only necessary information like hp, mana, and target are displayed. All the standard windows fit in the bottom 200 pixels of the screen. The result is very unintrusive, you can almost forget it's there. It's designed for use at 1024x768 but can be adjusted to any size. Each window is seperate and independent; you can use any or all of these windows together as a set or combine them with other mods. You can also use any graphical skin with this interface (such as the vert skin or the TKing icons) since it uses only default graphics. But since I've eliminated most of the borders, titles, and graphics you won't get to see much of it.

All the windows contain the normal controls, except the player window includes pet health and target health bars, so those two windows aren't needed. I recommend you keep the target and pet windows closed or use them for some other mods, such as one of Arista's timers. ([email protected]; see http://www.horizonsoutpost.com/eq/timer.asp)

The picture shows mostly-opaque windows along the bottom of the screen (with bank, inventory, and containers open and tooltips showing). The inset shows the compact spellbook. The group window is essentially standard but the player window isn't. The small icons along the right side of the group window are the buffs. The icons are very small, but showing the tooltips (with the alt key) makes it easy to read all the buff names. The spell menus are available by right clicking at the lower right corner of the screen.

If you turn down the alpha on all the windows they'll be nearly transparent, giving an almost unobstructed full-screen view. If you want to set the viewport to not overlap the windows along the bottom of the screen, I recommend /viewport 0 0 1024 570 ... then you can use /viewport reset to put it back to normal.

I've included a file UI_Fippy_21.ini with recommended window locations. Change the name of this file to match your character and server number if your character isn't named Fippy or you play on a different server.

Notes on individual windows:

The player window doesn't show fatigue or xp bars (unnecessary while fighting), but does contain all the normal controls from the player, target, and casting windows, plus shows your current AC and hit points. The target name is displayed very large (font 6) outside the window. The player window is exactly centered on the screen by default.

The spell gems window (CastSpellWnd) is a tiny box in the lower right corner of the screen. The spell names pop up when the Alt key is held down (see the picture), and the spell menus come up if you click on the lower right corner of the screen. Using a page of the hotbutton window for spell gems saves space and reduces clutter. If you prefer to use the normal spell gems instead, just delete the EQUI_CastSpellWnd file.

The chat windows can still be moved, resized, and minimized even without borders. By the way, it's best to leave the second chat window in the background. When you click on it or type there, it moves forward and displays on top of the tooltips. The tooltips are easier to read if they're in the foreground instead of the background. Just use the main chat window for any typing that's needed.

If the chat windows are used at the suggested size (201 pixels high) you can switch between chatfontsize 1, 2, 3, and 4 without ever having the top row of text cut in half. You might want to adjust the chat font size, viewport, and alpha up and down on your windows in-game as you move from bright desert zones to dark jungle zones or from raiding to soloing.

Besides the obvious, I've included some of my better mods in this set. None are necessary, just delete the files for any you don't like:
31-slot no-scroll loot window
80-slot no-scroll merchant window
stay-put containers
tick timer in pet window
compact spellbook
compact bank, inventory, and inspect windows
(note on inventory: the autoequip area is where the stats are, the destroy button is where the xp bars are)

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