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Name: Granite   Popular!
Date: 07-15-2011 02:28 PM
Size: 8.19 MB
Version: 1.5

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Size: 285.78 Kb
Dimensions: 1680 x 998
Hybrid (wide screen) HoT
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Size: 233.43 Kb
Dimensions: 1680 x 998
Melee (wide screen) HoT latest
Change History

  • Just catching up on dragitems additions.

  • An update for the stealth changes to the Animations file.
As always, this is a complete replacement.

  • Just updated with the lastest changes to the Animations and dragitem files.
As always, this is a complete replacement.

  • Just updated with the recent changes to the Animations and Templates files.
As always, this is a complete replacement.

  • Added the remaining slots to the trader window so that all 200 slots will display. The window is resizable, but I just couldn't get scrollbars to work. I don't think SOE implemented them the way I am trying to use them. You'll just have to resize the window until all the slots you want to see are visible.
  • Added Poukey's Item Display window. It has purty colors.
  • Redesigned the BigBankWnd to include all open bag spaces. SOE has fixed the issue of the 'ghost bag slots' that would eat items. They fixed it by only displaying slots that exist for that bag. This mod only shows 14 slots. This window was based on the work by Finamdar, but I rearranged everything and added a few more details to jazz it up.
  • Redesigned the spell book window to match my theme a bit better.
  • Redesigned the selector window to better fit into my UI. I made it so that it 'docks' to the bottom of the EQ button window. I removed the Merc button from the EQ Button window because the selector window had one. Hit shift-W to show the selector window if you don't already. I removed a few buttons that I don't use from the selector window, so let me know if you do use them and I will tweak this window for you.
  • Rearranged the target window a bit to make the spell cast gauge and disc gauge easier to read. Also made the target buff window wider so that more buffs can be viewed without scrolling.
  • Rearranged the Pet Info window to make better use of space.
  • I made several tweaks to graphics and layout to make windows as clean and organized as possible.

As always, this is a complete replacement, so delete your existing Granite folder contents, and replace with contents of this zip. If you have mixed and matched with other UI pieces, you have work to do.

Hope you enjoy!

I got inspired when making this HoT compliant to change many other things that I have been wanting to for a while.
  • Reworked the Inventory window to make things cleaner. Added a splash of color.
  • Changed the Trader window so that the bag display is no longer locked into 2 columns of 40. The window is resizable, and the bags will auto-tile to available space. I couldn't get the scrollbars to work correctly, so resizing to a shape that has some bag slots hidden will make them inaccessable unless you resize the window again to make them visible. I think it is a minor issue. Doing this should also make fixing the window when they account for the 9th and 10th slot (and larger trader bags) easier to do.
  • Enhanced the 'mini-map' by eliminating some buttons I never used like the pan and zoom buttons. This allowed me to move the buttons tighter to the side and remove excess graphics to give more map viewing area.
  • Switched hot button pad 3 and 4 so that they are in logical order (* See note below about options)

I have also added an options folder to the .zip. When swapping hotbuttons 3 and 4, it also causes the user to have to switch all of their buttons. I may also have users who would prefer to have 4 full size pads. I created a folder with the original hotbuttons (3 and 4 backwards), 3 and 4 correctly ordered, and a 3rd option of 4 full size hotbuttons. Simply copy all files from the folder of the option you want into the root of your Granite UI, saying yes to replace. I also have the original map and the new map as options in case people like the old one better.

This will probably be my last update until they fix the trader bags. Hope you enjoy!

10/20/10 (Late)
  • Removed the custom Actions window from the zip. I was informed that the custom one got mangled with the HoT release. If I remember correctly, the Vert Actions window was not too much different than the default, so at this point, it is just easier to let my UI load the default.

    Sorry for not fully testing all windows before releasing

  • Updated with changes to be HoT compliant. This is a complete replacement. As before just empty out your UI folder of Granite, and replace with contents of the zip. Of course, if you have done some mix and match, you may have some work to do.
  • Reworked the Target window to make the information easier to pick out. Changed the color of the HoTT. Move the cast/disc guage to make it easier to see, and moved the Spell Text to make it readable now. The window no longer 'plugs' in but rather can tuck into a corner now.
  • Implemented a custom Extended Target window that compliments the Target window. It accomodates 7 targets (with the two AA). It also has a 'hole' for my custom compass. If anyone uses a different compass that won't fit, let me know and I will create a special version without the hole.
  • Slightly modified the Containers so that the combine button moves to the bottom and shrunk the bag icon some so that those who are used to the verticle bags won't see much change. I may add a horizontal version later.
  • Changed all references to old EQTypes to the new ones where I can identify. I assume this will help future changes easier to comply with. I organized my custom Animations and Templates so that the top is always a duplicate of default and the bottom is the custom stuff. This should also make updates easier to apply.

Hope you enjoy!

  • Updated with changes to in the latest patch. This is a complete replacement. Call me lazy, but I didn't want to miss anything by just grabbing the most recent fixes. Just empty out your UI folder of Granite, and replace with contents of the zip.
  • Implemented 30 buff slots. I will probably never have 30, but it limits my audience.
  • Added a section below the target window for target buffs. I do not have the LAA to verify it works for NPC buffs, but it shows my pet's and mine, so I assume it is working correctly.
  • Fixed and enhanced a few more graphic elements.

  • Fixed the player name apearing at the top left of the screen. Fixed a few of the border graphics that were incorrectly defined. Increased the size of a few windows slightly to fit its contents in more gracefully.

Granite is a compilation of many UI pieces that I have accumulated over the years. Recently, I took those pieces, and re-worked most of it to make it my own. Because there are still remnants of others work, I need to acknowledge them first.

Base UI : Vert
Target Window: Extracted from Evo
Spell Bar: I can't recall, but searching here it looks a lot like Starrie's, but she based hers off of some others.
Combat Window: Cal's Wider Combat Abilities
Short duration buff window:Sunaeri Small Horizontal Right to Left Buffs (UF)

There may be other pieces, but I can't remember them. If anyone recognizes other's work, let me know and I will be sure to give them credit.

This interface is a complete set. A lot of the pieces were modified so that they plug into each other, creating the illusion of a single piece. this makes mixing and matching with other pieces difficult. It is also designed for widescreen, although if you don't display the map constantly, you may can squeeze it all together for a regular resolution.

Note: Hotbar 3 is the skinny 'clicky' hotbutton bar, but is designed to be on the right end. I have just been too lazy to swap 3 and 4 to have it make sense.

This UI is designed for my needs. I am a non-raider, and do a lot of 3 boxing. I have not implemented the extra buff slots. As a soloer, I will most likely never need those slots, nor does my layout have room for them without some work. Some other info is also not displayed that raiders may appreciate. If you like my UI, and would like those implemented, I might be willing to create a special version.. for one meelion dollars... oh... I mean 100 beelion dollars....


All 4 hotbutton pads are meant to be shown, and integrate to give the appearance of a single hotbutton pad. Hotbutton 3 is a mini vesion I primarily use for clickys. I did not implement inventory slot buttons because customizing those when my clicky selections change are a pita. I just create a hotkey from the inventory slot and drop it in here.

Group Window
The group window is pretty basic, except for the mana/endurance gauges. The Mana is on top of End, so End will only show if you have no mana. If you have both, mana is most likely more important anyway. The pet gauge is larger.

Player Window
This window has been heavily modified from the original. It was also not from the Vert UI, but from another. I have been unable to figure out who provided the original (if you know, let me know). I have made it more compact, added a field that displays unspent AA.

EQ Button
I added 3 quick buttons to items I use frequently, but do not want them up all the time; Merc, Quest/Task, Fellowship. These windows are coded to autohide when you click anywhere else on the screen. One annoying thing about the way Sony implemented these type of button click open window is that they alway appear with the top left of the window being at the top left of the button you click. Also, when you zone, the windows will be open when you arrive.

Target window
Incorporates HoTT, target, target name and target health percent. It also has a cast gauge and a disc gauge. The cast gauge is on top of the disc gauge, so if they are used at the same time, cast will be on top. I also display the name of the spell being cast, although the text is sometimes hard to read (I need to work on that).

The rest is fairly staightforward. Hope you enjoy.

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Old 10-21-2010, 02:17 AM  
A Snow Cougar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces
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I love the spirit of this UI. I just wish there was a way to make the map stay up while pressing escape.
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Old 12-21-2009, 01:44 PM  
Enhanced Imperial Golem
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More credits

I discovered after I uploaded that Wiznut made the small potion belt. If I figure out more, then I will add credit to them as well.
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