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Name: Turlo Player   Popular!
Date: 03-07-2016 05:57 AM
Size: 14.72 Kb
Version: v22.00.00

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Size: 25.68 Kb
Dimensions: 159 x 259
Combat Mode Fully Extended
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Size: 17.58 Kb
Dimensions: 159 x 174
Combat Mode Compact
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Size: 24.50 Kb
Dimensions: 156 x 256
Caster Window Fully Extended
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Size: 15.39 Kb
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Trade Skill Trophy On
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Size: 70.06 Kb
Dimensions: 152 x 273
Hybrid Window
Looking for something special? Tired of constantly checking your inventory to see what your current experience is? Keep on forgetting to turn off your tribute? Just sick of all the bells and whistles you are forced to deal with to maximize your information? The next generation of Turlo Player may very well meet your needs. Every current feature has been implemented, with several configurations possible - all without the need to change the file. Also includes support for sharing the same file across multiple user interface configurations for ease of updating.

General Details
Version numbers now match expansion release.
Window can be dragged easily from multiple locations.
Window is fully resizable to fit your exact UI needs.

Health, Fatigue (Melee), Mana (Caster), Experience, and Alternate Advancement gauges are fully resizable.
Percentages off to the right and are now readable!
Casting timer as well as combat ability timer integrated as part of the fatigue and mana bars.
Exact numbers for hit points, fatigue (Melee), and mana (Caster or Hybrid) visible at all times.
Target self by clicking anywhere in the name area.
Level displayed on experience gauge. Should be useful to those who like to PL.
AA available to spend displayed on alternate advancement gauge. This will prevent me from checking my AA Window every 5 minutes while grinding.

Voice, Main Tank, Main Assist, Puller, Mark NPC, E-mail, and Parcel are all active icons.
Parcel shows when you are over the parcel limit! No more loosing your TA fees...

Flashing attack indicator for those who don't notice the small one and like to break invis. You know who you are.
Armor Class, Attack, and Haste (Melee or Hybrid) or Combat Mana Regen (Caster) is displayed at all times.
Combat Indicator with timer shows your current status. You have an exact countdown to when you can rest.
Aggro Meter clearly shows your aggro compared to a secondary. This would be the person tanking or about to tank if you drop.
Personal Tribute, Personal Trophy, Guild Tribute, and Guild Trophy timers on display to help you remember to turn them off.

Bonus Fluff
Statistics and resists as an optional display. Don't like them? Shrink the window down!
Color-coded the resists to reflect the flavors they have. You know, Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry...
Weight added to be monk friendly!

Shared Instructions
This is of great use if you have different UIs for each of your characters, but want to utilize some shared components among all of them. It will allow you to have a centralized location for the shared components, while allowing each character to have seperate components of different types. Just follow the directions below for details on how to set this up.
Make a folder entitled shared under the uifiles folder of EverQuest.
Place EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml in shared.
Place EQUI_PlayerWindow_Shared.xml into individual UI folder that will be accessing shared.
Rename EQUI_PlayerWindow_Shared.xml to EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml.
Future updates only need to replace the file in shared.

WARNING: You should never copy Default into a custom UI directory. EverQuest will automatically pull from default any missing files. This will prevent crashes if a required default file changes.

File Inventory

When it says Turlo, you know it's quality!

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5 out of 5 with 1 votes
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Old 09-02-2020, 08:15 PM  
A Tundra Mammoth
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces
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One thing to mention here is renaming before use.

The Caster, Hybrid, Melee words should be removed in order for these three pieces to work.
Which ever one you chose to use in your UI should end up
" EQUI_PlayerWindow.xml " . So right click, rename and erase the one of the following:

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