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Category: FunctionalLodiDodi Complete UI for TOV 2-17-2020
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Name: LodiDodi Complete UI for TOV 2-17-2020   Popular!
Date: 02-17-2020 04:05 PM
Size: 5.44 MB
Version: 3.99

Patch & Add-on List
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10-26-2019 03:47 PM
5.25 MB
11-01-2018 10:50 PM

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Dimensions: 187 x 481
2-17-2020 Fixed a mistake in the group window(It seemed slot 6 was showing slot 5 agro %)

12-21-19 Fixed the UI to work with ToV.

7-10-19 Verified the group window reports mana correctly on classes with no mana after the 7-9-19 test patch. Changes should go live and work properly. Fixed some spacing issues with the group window that popped up after the added precision needed the window to be larger.

6-24-19 I realized the target rings got broken at some point. I repaired the Issues and added a TargetRings folder. Inside is all of the rings I have used over the years repaired and working correctly. The original LodiDodi small and normal version are in there as well as some others. Just copy the contents of the folder up one level to the UI folder and type in game(if your currently logged in) /indicator off then /indicator on to reload the changes.

6-23-19 Fixed spacing in the group window for the new 3 digit precision that was recently added. Fixed spacing that has been driving me crazy for years in the actions window that I have been too lazy to fix. now larger numbers don't run into the STR, STA, DEX, ect. Labels.

3-16-19 Per a request I added optional chat window types to their own folder.
There are tabbed and not tabbed versions with title bars or no title bars, as well as those version with and without casting gauges. Just move a copy of whatever version you want out to the UI folder(usually LodiDodi)

3-15-19 Fixed the issues the patch broke and added several options for tabbed chat bars.

1-22-19 Fixed a bug in the tabbed bank window that wouldn't show the contents of the shared bank bags.

12-28-18 Added Agro % to the group window. (Note: Not sure how it works exactly, but if you target the tank a number pops up above his HP Percentage in red. It seems to be his agro percentage)

12-11-18 Tested after TBL went live. Everything seems to be working properly.

************************************************** ******

Same Lodidodi UI with some updates to make fixing it easier.

I Added the Hate Percentages to the extended target window. The Window supports the first 13 extended targets. I will add the remaining 11 or whatever soonish.

I reverted the base UI back to essentially default by Lodidodi standards.

I added folders to separate my changes from default and added some options for other users that have made requests.

There are folders for New spell bar, Original Spell Bar(Default), and Kiayla Spell Bar.

Just copy out the file that you want to the LodiDodi root folder and it will work on a reload. I updated the UI's Window_Pieces** and added the different graphics into the .tga files so all that has to be done is move the .XML file. Hopefully this will make it easier to fix when DBG inevitably breaks the UI next time.

I added folders for my UI elements that I like that are different from default.
The tabbed bank is in the Xukil Bank Window folder. My Large red arrows are in the Xukil Big Red Arrows folder. The dark window graphics are in the UI Shading/Dark or light(Default) folder. Again just copy any of the .xml files to the Root Lodidodi folder to make any of them work on a reload.

I also added a alternate long term and short term buff window based on Kiayla's screenshot. I believe its Drakah's version. I moved to graphic into a lodi window_pieces file to eliminate a dependency. Its in a folder called Kiayla-Drakah Buff bars. Just copy out the .xml files.

Added a folder to keep the old school spell gems available. Just move the spells**.tga and the GemsIcons**.tga files from the OG spell gems folder to the root LodiDodi folder and reload your UI.

Word of advice: If you want to try something without losing the original file rename it with a _ at the end and then copy the file(or move a backup somewhere else, or make a copy of the file) from the folder into the root folder.

hopefully this update will make life easier for everyone. Let me know if there are any changes needed or if there is something I can incorporate to make life easier for you guys.

PS. Since this is a complete UI you should delete or rename your current ui folder and extract this completely. If you extract this on top of your current UI weird this might happen(Your mileage my vary).

PS(Again) I fixed the extended target window.

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Old 06-24-2019, 12:38 PM  
An Icepaw Kobold
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces
Forum posts: 86
File comments: 4
Uploads: 10
I fixed the Target Indicator issues with the last upload
Xukil is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 06-10-2019, 10:40 AM  
A Bat
Forum posts: 0
File comments: 4
Uploads: 0
Am I missing something? I do not see the targets Con color on the target bar.

Makes it very unsafe and hard to tell what is in front of me.
Sinsa is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 03-15-2019, 07:58 PM  
A Wooly Rhino
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces
Server: Ayonae Ro
Forum posts: 79
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Uploads: 1

Love this UI. Ty for keeping it updated!!!!
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