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How do I fix the missing YES/NO Buttons on my Rez Box?

1. Make sure you're logged out of EQ.

2. Open up your UI_Charname_Servername.ini file.

3. Use the search function to find Popdialog.

4. The first entry you find should be [PopDialog0]

5. Delete this entire section of the file. (For those that don't know, an ini file has a number of sections, each of which begins with a "heading" line that has a word encased in square brackets... for example [PopDialog0]

6. To clarify, put your cursor at the beginning of the line you found using the search function, and delete all the text up to but NOT including the next section heading.

7. Use the search function again to find and delete all sections that have a section heading similar to [PopDialog0].

8. Overall, you'll find and delete a section for [PopDialog0], [PopDiaglog1], [PopDialog2], etc. How many you find will vary. Make sure you delete all of them.

9. Save and exit this file, and then you should have working confirmation boxes in EQ.

This solution was submitted to EQInterface by Vitaee

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