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What computer language is the EQ interface written in?

Everquest’s interface is eXtensible Markup Language (XML) witch is a meta-language. The reason XML is a meta-language is because XML is a set of rules that a language must use in order to be XML conformant. This means that the developers at S.O.E. can define their own mark-up language for us to use to customize the interface with.

The XML Files can be edited with any text editor like windows notepad. However you may want to search your favorite freeware/shareware site and find an editor that highlights the code for you.

The developers of the Everquest Interface have released some basic information in a file called AboutSIDL.doc. This file can be found in your default interface folder. C:\Program Files\Sony\Everquest\UIFiles\default\AboutSIDL.doc. (location may be different on your computer)

You can find more information and tutorials in our developer forums.

What XML files go with what window?

You can find a list of what XML files go to what windows and download categories in the following thread compiled by A_Nolan.

A list of xml files to download catigories

What are EQTypes?
Working on it.

Where can I get a list of EQTypes?
You can find a list of EQTypes in our XML tutorial forum located here.

What is SIDL Fiddle and/or SIDL WIDL?

working on content.

What are TGA files and how do I edit them?

A .tga file is commonly used graphic file format. So all the .tga files you see in the interface folder are the graphics for the interface.

A graphics editing program is needed to view and edit these files. Adobe Photoshop, JASC Paint Shop Pro and GIMP are a few of many graphic editing programs you can use. Just do a search in google to find more information on where to get obtain programs.

The Everquest Interface can use other graphic file formats too. More information on that can be found by searching our forums. I suggest if your just starting you stick with .tga's.

In the Graphics Tutorials & Info forum you can find some great information on how to make your own graphics.

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