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GreenDragon 08-10-2014 11:43 PM

Online UI viewer!
I am working on a UI viewer, with the potential to edit, that works in browser.

The goal is to be able to pull XML files and such from this type of site, display (edit?) and then download the modified XML, or submit it back to here.

You can view a sample here http://equieditor.webatu.com/equi/.
The images sometimes don't load right away and you much choose another item in the dropdown. Most items will show something if they are placed correctly for in-game viewing.

Check "PlayerWindow" for the best demonstration.

Source code can be found https://github.com/adam4813/equi. The HTML is going to be cleaned up remove an extra "div" tag next commit.

Gauges, buttons (normal, hover, and pressed), images (with multiple frames), and labels work to some degree right now. Screen elements just loop through and show all the pieces with the correct offsets.

danille 08-11-2014 09:48 AM

Wow this is excellent. I clicked on the link though and only saw a black screen with the drop downs int he upper left corner.

GreenDragon 08-11-2014 09:50 AM

Yep, choose PlayerWindow from the drop down to see some cool results.

danille 08-11-2014 10:25 AM

Originally Posted by GreenDragon
Yep, choose PlayerWindow from the drop down to see some cool results.

Ohhh thats funky! Nice work.

GreenDragon 08-11-2014 04:28 PM

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Alright just updated with frame template rendering. The middle doesn't do overlaps yet, but its a WIP.

danille 08-11-2014 05:02 PM


Crimson13x 08-11-2014 07:38 PM

Off to a good start. Looking forward to watching the progress. I knew something like this should be able to be done, I just didn't have the 'know how'. This is great.

Drakah 08-12-2014 07:39 AM

Website just shows black to me on IE11.

GreenDragon 08-12-2014 11:54 AM

Even if you choose other items in the drop down and come back, a couple times is needed (image loading is screwy.) The very last item in the list (PlayetWindow) should show some text if nothing else.

Cudya 08-20-2014 11:52 AM

Visited http://equieditor.webatu.com/equi/ on Firefox and got a mostly black screen with a drop down to pick UI files, but nothing is displayed beyond broken image.

On IE 11 I got a black screen.

On both I got a pop up ad for web hosting.

GreenDragon 08-20-2014 01:51 PM

Did you try to choose the last item in the drop down?

Also it is a free host just to try it out as it needs a server and it allows others to view my progress as well.

Drakah 08-20-2014 01:51 PM

I get "this page cannot be displayed" on IE 11, Win 8.1

GreenDragon 10-22-2015 11:00 PM

I haven't given up on this yet but it isn't my primary focus. I am working on it and am getting really close to having it look near perfect to in game for certain widgets.

Tums 10-30-2015 10:53 PM

I have a AWS server spun up if you need somewhere to host this. I checked your git, but it hasn't been updated since last year.

GreenDragon 10-30-2015 10:59 PM

Sweet, I need to commit some more that I have done then.

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