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Kraynium 01-22-2006 02:18 PM

Xclean UI
I currently am using an outdated UI named Xclean I think (I renamed it) is what it was called. I'm looking for an updated DoD version of the same UI. I looked for it in the forums and such but can't seem to find it. Is anyone else familiar with this UI? It is a bit more Minimalistic than the Vert UI (which I was using before), but it has a 'Clickies' window which is actually VERY handy, the Vertical Buff Windows and the Spell/Effect Icons I can't live without. It is very similar to the Vert UI family, but it is definately different, and it's those differences that I've become accustomed to. Would be nice to see this UI updated. It's not THAT old..... prolly 6 months or so. Thanks in advance.

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