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Brother Draks 01-03-2003 12:39 PM

Still LF a Cleric UI
I have surfed and pondered my eye's red but still cant find a Cleric UI where spell's, hotkeys, and group life/target is very close so mouse movement is minimized. If anyone knows of a GREAT Cleric UI, please leave a post and link to thread...Thanks

60 Nec 55 War 47 Monk 23 Cleric 19 Mage 26 Rouge etc....

Dyzalott 09-22-2005 03:53 PM

Soran's cleric UI has all of it packed in close and the new version coming up looks like it will have even more tightly packed in one easy mouse spot. Look in the General UI Talk Priest section of this board He sent an updated link to screen shot of his latest version. I swear by this UI tried it and fell in love in game with how well it works.

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