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Asedai 12-08-2005 05:11 PM

Size of Arrow Where You Are Indicator On Map?
I orginally asked:

I am forever searching searching for exactly where I am when I am using one of my maps. Is there a way to change the size and color of the little black arrow? Thank you.

But I see from other posts now that there is not. Has anything regarding this changed? /crosses her fingers

Any way we can suggest this to SoE? /laughs

ravenlockless 09-25-2022 10:31 PM

I came here to find an answer to this question... only found this ancient post to resurrect showing I did search before asking. I found info about changing the color ....


I have yet to find a way to change the arrow size. Anyone able to confirm it is not possible, or if it is, let us know???

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