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Cairenn 04-17-2019 11:04 AM

Game Update Notes: 17 Apr 2019
  • There are no longer Progression Server specific spawns in open world zones for Classic, Kunark, Velious, or Luclin bosses. These bosses now spawn at an accelerated rate on all servers, roughly twice the rate that they previously spawned on Live servers. Fabled versions of these NPCs should now work correctly on Progression Servers.
  • Added several statless mounts to the Marketplace for progression servers.
  • These new mounts are available for purchase starting with the unlock of Shadows of Luclin and will remain available until Omens of War unlocks, at which point standard Marketplace mounts become available for purchase.
  • These new mounts are equivalent in speed to silk bridles.
  • Removed the race specific restrictions on evolving items obtained from The Burning Lands. These evolving items will now gain experience from any experience-giving NPCs slain in The Burning Lands zones and Gnome Memorial Mountain.
  • Increased the range that direct-damage and damage-over-time spell messages are reported from 75 feet to 200 feet.
  • Attempting to open the Faction Window while shrouded will no longer cause a client crash.
  • If a task rewards a faction change, the Task Window will now correctly link to that faction in your Faction Window.
  • Disabled the context menu to move the main chat tab into another chat window.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented audio triggers from matching text that contains formatting data such as spell or item links.
  • Riposte messages are now reported before their resulting hit damage.
  • Added the ability to customize the color that chat windows are highlighted with when displaying a new message.
  • Dealing direct-damage with spells now reports the caster as 'You' rather than your name.
  • Fixed a messaging issue where non-song spells activated by bards would report as the bard 'singing' the spell.
  • Moved spell reflect messages to the spell failures chat filter.
  • Changed a number of places where the name of a spell is displayed in chat to have that name function as a link to the spell description:
  • Spell interrupts, fizzles, and reflect messages now contain the name of the spell that failed.
  • Messages indicating the start of a spell cast now include a link to the spell description.
  • Messages indicating that a spell has worn off now include a link to the spell description.
  • The spell name in damage reporting messages will now function as a link to the spell description.

Source and full patch notes.

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