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Qendiil 04-22-2009 03:18 AM

EQ Storyline Addons?

Wondering if there's anyone still active on this site that is versed in coding/authoring a working EQ Storyline file?

There used to be a very nice Story addon for Spells.
Well, we are now 20 levels beyond that tool. I THINK that file was found on Samanna's? website. She no longer has anything EQ as far as I can tell.

Soooooo.... I started working on a NEW one. I've made many of them. The problem I'm running into is that EQ doesn't seem to want to go any deeper than 1 subfolder. Is this so or do i maybe just have a bad file or folder name? I've juggled names around and nada. It would SEEM that there is a 1 subfolder cap. Can anyone affirm or deny this? Anyone have a solution?

I guess my trouble really stems from attempting to use /table in the Story. I can do it the boring way. One HUGE flat file lol, but was hoping to make it a little prettier and easier to digest than to have to look at the ENTIRE list all at one time.

Anyhoo... anyone know if I can get around this subfolder obstacle?

Thanks for any suggestions or fixes :)


ps- and just a quick summary of what i'm snagged on...

i have a story file in Storyline(storySpells.txt) > Spells(shaman.txt) > Shaman(spellist.txt) > shaman0105.txt, shaman0610.txt, shaman1115.txt, etc etc...

very rough illustration. those text files are just to illustrate. my code is good. files are good. it just wont click thru to the Class folders.
where each shaman# file is a spell grouping of about 5 levels

Qendiil 04-22-2009 02:24 PM

I lied.
Found the problem. Failed to address the additional subfolders in the anchor tags. /sigh

Problem solved :)

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