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Orienn 10-23-2021 03:44 PM

Got a new PC ui help
So I haven't played EQ in about 5 years or so but I finally got to build a brand new gaming PC. So I got a flash drive and copied all my EQ files and brought it to my new PC. Everything worked got all my hotkeys, and everything mostly. When I logged on the game on my ranger the background was full screen but then I logged on my SK tonight and it looks like its fitted for my old monitor and this new monitor is much bigger. I remember there being a command I could do to fill out the screen and cover up the black on the sides. But I just can't remember that was hoping someone here could tell me what to do to fix it.

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

EDIT: so Viewport was my issue finally talked to a guildy who knew what I was talking about. Basically it was just /Viewport 0 0 2560 1440 for the resolution on my screen. It looks like it worked out.

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