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Tasmin 05-02-2022 11:11 PM

Help to re-sizes player window
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This is a very old Player window so I do not remember who did it and I could not find it when I was looking for it.
All thanks go to the original artist - currently unknown.

Can anyone help me because it does not show 100k + hp/mana numbers and the three decimals at the hp/mana bars?

I love the minimalist style and it only shows Pet and Mana bars if you have it.
But the lowest bar for Stamina/Fatigue could be removed.

I tried to fix it myself but did not get it to work.

Halelen 05-03-2022 06:18 PM

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try this and let me know

Tasmin 05-04-2022 07:24 AM

Thank you so much!
It worked just fine. :nana:

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