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Tlag 08-12-2002 09:50 AM

How to avoid problems with new graphics outside default directory
There are a couple of skins, that either tell you to place artwork in the default directory (and being in danger of getting deleted by patcher) OR even worse enter their skin to the eqclient.ini, which makes the changes to apply to all characters :(


If you create new artwork (either from scratch or by editing some default files). Save them under a new name !
Next step: Edit the entries in the EQUI_Animations.xml file to match your new filename.
For the people who just changed some default graphics: Simple replace all occurances of the original filename with your new filename.

Even better Solution: Move all changed entries to a seperate file and add in the EQUI.xml an proper include statement. This makes it easier to merge your mods with other mods.

Thats it ! Happy editing :D

Background: EQ loads the skin for the character selection screen as stated in eqclient.ini.
Afterwards it reads character skins. If it comes to an texture object it already knows (=same name as in default EQUI_Animations.xml) it will use that !
So give unique file and object names what is unique ! :)

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