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Mishakaal 03-18-2021 09:10 PM

Request: New Cleric UI class specific project
Hello, i have been around since EQI since 2004 but started in 2001. I played cleric all my life in every possible situation the game can put you through. Raiding and grouping is in my blood, and EQ my favorite game in existence.I've always been very pleased to take on every challenges with the class but that's why also I'm very conscious about every details that matter for them.

The one thing that i have in mind every time i login to play the game these days is that lack of decent UI to get everything in the right place to make it the best possible experience for a healer who has to keep things super sharp, clean, instantly readable and available with the snap of a finger, and the lack of really nice UI.

I want to make one that will be super exclusive and solely focused on clerics. Clean, really functional, snappy and most of all theme with the best possible fantasy graphics for a kick ass visual experience that never let someone down.

If this project which I want to start for myself can help others then that's even better. Will be super cool to get more clerics feedback out there that's for sure. I'm willing to put all my 20 years of experience into this to revive the genre of UI that will be healer friendly.

What i need is a UI designer and XML coder to team up with me to get this going. :D If you're interested and really good at these things please shoot me a tell in the game on xegony.Mishakaal or [email protected]

I plan to give it all i got to make this my legacy project in EQ.

Thank you so much in advance and best regards,

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