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Isuldor 09-05-2013 10:04 PM

EQ root cleanup with symlinks
Symlinks are like shortcuts, except they let us reorganize files without breaking dependent applications.

The Problem
In the past, browsing into the EverQuest root folder caused my Windows file explorer to hang momentarily. That's because there's so many darn files in that folder. So to fix that, I'm creating a new root folder for the game, and only putting files and folders that I commonly access there.
The first step of this process is to move the location of the game folder. It's a little cleaner to install the game to this new path (your uninstallers would still work then), but that probably isn't convenient for most people reading this. No big deal.

cd C:\Users\me\Games\EverQuest dir ... 4276 File(s) 8,624,095,394 bytes 21 Dir(s) 81,628,823,552 bytes free

Whew, that's something. Let's reorganize a little:
cd .. mkdir EQ move EverQuest EQ cd EQ move EverQuest\uifiles . mklink /J EverQuest\uifiles uifiles

We just created a new root folder "EQ" and relocated the old root to it. Then we linked the "uifiles" folder in our new root, so that the game knows where the folder is now located. I can move files similarly, omitting the /J parameter which is just for directories. Also make sure to open the command prompt as administrator for this:

Now I'll link some files and folders that I want to see in my new root:
cd C:\Users\me\Games\EQ mklink /H eqclient.ini EverQuest\eqclient.ini mklink /H Player_server.ini EverQuest\Player_server.ini mklink /H UI_Player_server.ini EverQuest\UI_Player_server.ini

There, that should narrow things down a bit for us. Here's how my EQ folder looks now:

Finally, make sure the game shortcut points the new location of LaunchPad.exe.
Full disclosure: to be perfectly honest, this problem doesn't affect me anymore since I use a solid state drive. However I still wanted to do it to placate my ocd. :nana:
Your mileage may vary. Use at your own risk.

fryguy503 09-06-2013 09:44 AM

I use this exact method for my layout, I also have my SIDL links and UIerrors files mapped. Primarily for all of my UI work I do.

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