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dominique3 01-17-2015 03:25 AM

VerticalLayoutBox - anchor relative to bottom

I'm remodelling raid window to be able to resize the different sections on the fly, but this is a more generic question and I'll take an example with the default UI TaskWnd

Basically, TaskWnd has a VerticalLayoutBox with three elements task list, task progression and task description.
If you grow the window a bit and stretch task progression down you'll get a small task description, so far so good, but if you then proceed onto shrinking the task window back then the bottom will "eat" the task description subwindow (even if you add something like MinVSize)

What I'd like to achieve is keep the size of the task description subwindow constant when you resize the window, it would be possible if instead of remembering the offset of the split from the top there could be an option to make it relative to the bottom (similar to TopAnchorToTop set to false, just like the chat bar in chat window, except that this isn't resizable)

I looked at all the default UI pieces and there doesn't seem to be anything currently doing that with VerticalLayoutBox; maybe it's possible with that or another layout? I just need one resizable V-split for 2 elements.

Any clue? :)

Asmadeus (AB)

firescue17 01-17-2015 09:27 AM

Anchor it to the bottom.

dominique3 01-18-2015 02:28 PM

Originally Posted by firescue17
Anchor it to the bottom.

ooh. That's a good idea, anchoring top of the Vlayoutbox to bottom of the container does work... But then how can I make it stretch all the way to top?

Kinda losing the point of the resize if the vertical layout box becomes fixed size, I must be missing one way of anchoring other than these anchors:
<LeftAnchorOffset>4</LeftAnchorOffset> <TopAnchorOffset>4</TopAnchorOffset> <RightAnchorOffset>4</RightAnchorOffset> <BottomAnchorOffset>92</BottomAnchorOffset> <TopAnchorToTop>true</TopAnchorToTop> <BottomAnchorToTop>false</BottomAnchorToTop> <LeftAnchorToLeft>true</LeftAnchorToLeft> <RightAnchorToLeft>false</RightAnchorToLeft>

(if you anchor both top and bottom to bottom then item becomes fixed size, if you anchor top to bottom and bottom to top then I don't get anything... if I skip both the top anchor offset and totop it works but looks like it assumes 0/true, so if I just pass the top to bottom I get an empty box again...)

Well I guess I'll keep looking some, likely just missing an easy way to anchor stuff properly.

dominique3 01-19-2015 02:04 AM

Alright, looking at SIDL.xml..
It seems TileLayoutBox has this AnchorToTop parameter that looked sooo good... Except that the TileLayoutBox behaviour is hefty different and it doesn't stretch/allow resizing of items inside.

Found "ResizeLast" for the vertical layout box but it's not what I want either (just keeps the last item's bottom fixed, which I can't see why anyone would want that)

Think I'm out of ideas again :P

Savok 01-21-2015 09:33 PM

I remember trying to fix the same window a few years ago when TileLayoutBox became available and ended up just giving up on it.

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