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Mr. Magoo 02-03-2023 02:25 AM

UI map work
I play on a EQ Emu and have a UI which is named IB-Stock, that I really like but there are some things I would love to change on it and I was wondering if anyone could help me, I tried and I was totally lost.

One of the main issues I am having is with the map background. The map is clear and I would like the stock background that eq has and I have looked into and found something about the cart file but this UI doesn't have a cart file so no idea on that. IF anyone could help me with changing that background on the map would be great. The other issue is the size of the text for like the money and xp % and such, this is not a must but would be a be lots of help.

Here is the link for the UI https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gm...iew?usp=sharing

Thanks for any help.

Halelen 02-03-2023 01:29 PM

As for the font, just open the xml and find whatever element you are trying to change. Locate this line <Font>1</Font> and make the number larger or smaller to your liking. if the line isnt there add it to any element you want to change.
<Button item="IW_Money3">
<Font>1</Font> <------- This determines font size

As for the other you could try copying the background image from stock UI and see if that fixes. you can always change the name from cart to whatever your map window calls for in the background section.

Give those a try and see if you can fix, if not comeback and ill help you. Consider it the ole give a man a fish scenario

eq4u 07-02-2023 02:59 PM

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To change background, you have to modify the

" cart.tga"

You will know this when you experiment and dowload other interface pieces with custom background maps that the cart.tga is not stock.

Basically all you need to do is drop " cart.tga '' into your ui folder and it will change the map background.
I included a dark background cart.tga for you for now.

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