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Fnyyen 05-31-2019 09:19 PM

am attempting to bring back an Egras type window, sadly i have lost the original download to retain the .TGA effect files so ive been rebuilding from screen shots / old download that i had. the problem im coming to now is

1. what would i use to fill in old unnecessary spots in the window.
2. what Stats would be more beneficial for others in mid/high range gear given that low end gear is quickly changed into mid gear.
3. is there anyone who would be interested in this window if i did fix it.

i do have the tabs 2 and 3 working and filled in bag slots to work with up to 44 slots but i would have to make it to where every player would have to change what slots they want to work based on their own bag's just to keep things simple. this option is off by default for the time being because i have a decent bag window in my inventory for the time being.

but for now (unless someone wants the tab 2 and 3) i have them disabled to focus on tab 1 and 4, this is what the current group window looks like with all tabs.

old window use to look like:

there is still a lot of work that needs to go into this window, but i would like to get consensus from other's on what they would like to see. the stats are just moved from the old window as a base line so ya can see what they use to look like.

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