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Drakah 09-21-2022 11:59 AM

Game Update Notes: 21 September 2022
  • Your current target should now be highlighted with an outline of their consider color in the Extended Target Window.
  • Updated the default location for hotbars 1-4 and updated bars 3-4 to show by default.
  • Fixed an issue that would add a duplicate item when using Link All from the Advanced Loot Window.
  • Updated the Bazaar and Merchant windows to include commas in the price of items.
  • Clicking on the Extended Target Window but not on a target should keep your current target and no longer target yourself.
  • Updated the Combat Skills Window to save the sorted column.
  • Right-clicking a combat ability hotkey will now open up the Combat Skills window and select that combat ability.
  • Alphabetized the list of commands when using /help.
  • Updated the Claim window to better indicate if a feature is unavailable to claim.
  • Fixed a problem with the Chat Options button on the Login Server's chat window being inaccessible.
  • Added tooltip information explaining what the aggro numbers in Group and the Extended Target windows mean.
  • Added the ability to output a filtered (Complete, Open, and/or Locked) list of your achievements using either a new button in the achievements window or the slash command: /outputfile achievements.

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Source and full patch notes.

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