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Default What I did ...

Thank you Yraen for your post. That is what I have done before now. However, on the target window, I would like to keep the window sizeable so that I can hide or show the target's buffs at will.

I came up with a quick but workable hack to fix this: I copied the default EQUI_Templates file into my custom UI folder, and modified the three title bar definition lines for WDT_RoundedNoTitle from:

<Right>A_RoundedFrameTitleRight</Right> <Left>A_RoundedFrameTitleLeft</Left> <Middle>A_RoundedFrameTitleMiddle</Middle>


<Right>A_Filigree3TitleRight</Right> <Left>A_Filigree3TitleLeft</Left> <Middle>A_Filigree3TitleMiddle</Middle>

Now, for every simple-border window that I want to be movable and sizable, I use WDT_RoundedNoCorner as the template and set both sizable and titlebar to true.

<DrawTemplate>WDT_RoundedNoTitle</DrawTemplate> <Style_Titlebar>true</Style_Titlebar> <Style_Closebox>false</Style_Closebox> <Style_Minimizebox>false</Style_Minimizebox> <Style_Border>true</Style_Border> <Style_Sizable>true</Style_Sizable>

With this approach, the user can drag-and-drop the borders to size it and can drag-and-drop a very small area at the top of the window to move it.

Hope this is helpful to others, at least until someone comes up with a better approach.
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