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Default Selector window open/close??

I been messing with my selector window adding things that do not go on it and was wondering if there is a way to close the window with the buttons I am adding I will use the Ach window as an example..
I use the command <EQType>openwnd AchievementsWnd</EQType> to get the window to open but was wondering if any way to make it close with the added selector window button.

<Button item="SELW_AchWindow">
<EQType>openwnd AchievementsWnd</EQType>

Was also wondering it opens up in same spot each time i open it , I can move the window but after closing it it opens in same spot as it did before and not to spot I moved it to any ideas on that as well?

If needed to look at my UI it is linked to my signature below

Thank you for any advice at all,
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