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Default Game Update Notes: 9 Jan 2022

  • When receiving an AA experience reward, text will inform the player of any AA experience gained.
  • Fixed the Raid Window to save and persist the adjusted sizes of the 'Players in a Group' and 'Players not in a Group' lists.
  • Removed the auto consent options from the Options Window and turned them on by default. These options can still be disabled from within your character's INI file in the Defaults section with the property AutoConsentGroup, AutoConsentRaid, or AutoConsentGuild set to either 1 or 0.
  • Added an option to the chat context menu dropdown to allow users to change the font size in a specific window.
  • Fixed an annoyance where the reward selection window list would reset its vertical position each time a reward option was selected for preview.
  • Added a minimum required player count to the dynamic zone window.
  • Added a minimum, maximum, and current player count to the Shared Task tab of the task window.
  • Decreased the space that targets take up in the extended target window.
  • NPCs with locked HP will now report damage they are taking more accurately. Damage will include the (Locked) tag if it was a partial hit on an NPC with locked HP. If no damage occurred, it will not be reported.
  • Added the ability to sort the members in the Fellowship Window by any of the columns.
  • A message is now displayed when loot is left on a corpse after expiring from the Advanced Loot Window.
  • Fixed messages from loot expiring from the Advanced Loot Window to not have an extra "a" or "an".

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Source and full patch notes.

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