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Originally posted by Jarlo
Does this run post POP? I installed POP then tried to slap in a custom timer and had no luck

I have just confirmed that the timer still works after the 10/25 patch. What expansions you've installed shouldn't affect whether or not a UI mod works, as everyone gets the same UI files (just some features aren't enabled based on your expansions). However, since I don't have POP yet, if someone with a timer installed can confirm that, please post here.

That being said, your problem is most likely due to a mod installation issue. Here are some troubleshooting tips, for common problems that people have:

1) Make sure you've waited for the full XML file to download, by scrolling down to the bottom and making sure that the last line is </XML>. If you grab the source before it is fully downloaded, you can end up with a partial file.

2) Make sure you've created a directory directly under EverQuest\uifiles and that the directory name is one word only (no spaces).

3) Make sure you have saved the XML file using the correct file name. The name you should use is specified near the top of the XML file. This is the most common error that peple make, and causes the timer to not show up at all. The correct file name always begins with "EQUI_" and corresponds to the window that you generated the XML for.

4) Make sure your graphics file is also named appropriately. Again, the correct file name for the graphics file is also specified near the top of the XML file.

Once you log in, and type /loadskin FOLDER 1, what happens? Look in your UIErrors.txt file (in the EverQuest directory) and see if there is a line with "Error" in it (lines with "Warning" are normal and expected). If there is an error, post it here and I'll take a look.
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