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Default RoF compatible User interface with Velious era icons/buffs/gems

As per the title, seeking such

We've tried Neue Velious, original and variations of Fippy Darkpaw Classic, mixtures of buff and book icons(stand alone), and other UI element offerings

While most do not crash the client, they do not load either
There's a several second pause as it tries then nothing happens - UI stays as it was

There have been quite a few that have worked on Titanium client, and some for Live however not had any luck for RoF

We have spell0x.tga and spell_icon.tga files of what are believed to be the correct icons, yet when in game they have anomalies such as incorrect text, incorrect icons for the text, some are blacked out in spell gems and the spell book

It doesn't seem to be a simple case of dropping the tga files into the UI
There's probably some adjustments required for the EQ_Animations.xml as well among other xml

If anyone has a moment to would be welcome and useful to know what is required and then can that be applied to a preexisting RoF compatible UI? Or to take a non RoF client UI(which has the Velious arrangement/theme) and make it compatible

EDIT note - Update : Drakah has kindly had a look at this and the summary is that the 'Default UI' of the RoF client, has non recognized or non 'legit' versions and time stamps that do not match known ones from the past or current Live
This makes it challenging and not a simple case of adjusting things as it would normally

For reference the default files are found here
(PM me should that link stop working)
I can also provide other files such as Spell_us.txt

It may take a bit of leg work or time (unless someone is already familiar with this particular UI) to make compatible.

Though if any one is up for a challenge...

Thank you
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