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Originally Posted by Corydon
I don't think it can be changed.
DBG just changed the EQtypes 26, 27 (and more) to be more digits.
Not sure if EQ's XML allows string operations (cut off 1 or 2 decimals before displaying).
If anyone knows and shared the knowledge I'd be happy to learn though =)
(I'd prefer 2 over 3 decimals.)

Edit: Just noticed this was my 1st post since I joined in 2004 ;-)
...which actually puzzles me. Would have bet that I posted before *shrug*

go into your player window and find the percentage for each element....look for the 100 text....then go down to the size for each CX element and add 20 to whatever number is there.
<Label item="Player_ManaLabel">
<Text>100</Text> <--- Find this
<CX>20</CX> <---add 20 to this number
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