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Default Buttons that can open/close pages

Hello, im attempting my first ui and i came across a probelm with tabs that im trying to figure out. I need to have a button that can open/close pages. TabIcon simply wont work for what i have in mind. I've been reading/writing code all day so i may have missed something, but im not sure i understand how tabs work.

For all the other elements, i've been able to figure out stuff when i need to. the code is relatively simply. but when it comes to tabs/pages i cant even figure out how to turn off the background. when i put <Style_Border>false</Style_Border> it crashes. also in SIDL.xml, when it defines the 'page' element, it has a <TabText> and <TabTextColor>, yet when i try to use these, the game crashes.

All that to say, im not really sure i understand them correctly. But if i could just learn how to make these buttons then i'll be set.

Another thing that i dont really understand is how to set a button's action. can you even do that?
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