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There are 2 tags that affect <Location>. They are <RelativePosition>true/false</RelativePosition> and <AutoStretch>true/false</AutoStretch>.

When setting relative position, the positioning elements you define will either be relative to their container (true) or relative to your EQ window (false). Just a side note, setting relative positioning to false on elements within a window seems kinda pointless to me. They are locked into position irregardless of the position of the window they are associated with.

When setting autostretch, the positioning elements change depending on the value of autostretch. When autostretch is false, the <Location> and <Size> tags are evaluated and the element is rendered based on those values. If autostretch is set to true, then the following tags are used:


When autostretch is true, the Location and Size tags are ignored. When it is false, the offset tags are ignored.

That being said, using those elements in the <Screen> tag of a window may have unpredictable results. That is because positioning of a window is set by the .ini for each character. So, setting relative positioning to false may cause wierdness. Honestly, I would avoid trying to position a window within the xml. I am not sure if that is your issue. I am guessing that is what you are trying to do.

One last note, true and false are case sensative. "True" is interpreted as false. Only "true" is interpreted as true. That always gets me because I sometimes will use SIDLWIDL to modify elements and it saves all trues with a capital T. Annoying really...
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