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Originally Posted by valaury3169
If autostretch is set to true, then the following tags are used:


When autostretch is true, the Location and Size tags are ignored.

Honestly, I would avoid trying to position a window within the xml. I am not sure if that is your issue. I am guessing that is what you are trying to do.

Im trying both. setting the position for the main chat in both the deafults.ini and xml. it ignores both. when i try setting it in just the defaults.ini, and deleting the <location> tags that position the window in xml, it simply puts the window at 0, 0.

the main chat window doesnt have the <AutoStretch> tag available.

i am in 1024 x 768. so in the defaults.ini i've only set the position and width of the chat in that resolution. what am i missing?
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