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SmileyFAAce, your actions are what showed emotion. Taking your ball and going home basically (removing your files).

Mind you, I was upset that my question wasn't answered. And I wasn't notified why it got deleated. ( how was I to know it got moved ).

You have been a member here how long? You can easly find all your threads by clicking on your name and choosing "Find More Posts by SmileyFAAce". We have never sent a PM to people when we move threads and have never had a problem in the 7 years we've been open.

I was up for some discussion in your original thread but you have yet to reply.

Millions of site use google analytics to keep track of their stats, its basically required if you are to show ads on a very busy network/site. So you might as well stop surfing the web. I did offer a solution that many people use and its a plug-in called "no script" and thats the only way you'll get away from 3rd party stats trackers. Google is just 1 of 100 out there that webmasters use.

Its a free service, sign up and test it out your self instead of taking some one elses warped word on it because they may be in bed with a competing service. Remeber TV is hurting because of the internet so its in their best interest to scare you.
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