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never copy default ever into a custom ui. EVER NEVER.

it will either break your custom or just cause issues that will make eq return to default.

eq is smart enough to load any file it needs from default if it is not found in the custom folder.

if you copy default into the custom, it will never go load any default properfiles

but it will load it entirely from your custom folder, and that custom folder might have files that are very much different frmo the default file, and thus you broken the ui, and makes eq say aight we got bad things here, lets forget bout custom and go load default.

lets say you downlaod a nice bag and hotbar and party window. you make a folder name it what you like, CustomUI is good.

put those 3 fils in there,nothing more, nothign less.
be aware those 3 custom interface pieces might come with their own graphics and such, those must ofcause also be copied into the customui folder.

then in eq you just do /loadskin, and select your custom ui, andboom done.

now did i copy default? nope,never ever ever.
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