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Default Hot Key Bug

From Sony Boards:

Originally Posted by Turlo
Tanker, one thing regarding the multiple hot button windows. If I place gear inside window 2, and try to activate it with (for example) ALT 1, it won't click the gear. I have to manually click it with a mouse. It works fine if I place it in window 1. This has been bugged in game, etc.

Originally Posted by Tanker
Yes, that's true.

It's a known bug that putting inventory slots as hotbuttons, then assigning a key-set containing either Alt or Shift (such as Alt-K or Shift-G) to activate that hotbutton will not work. The bug has to do with the fact that Alt-right-click and Shift-right-click don't have meanings for inventory slots in EQ. Hitting the activation-keyset that you've set for an inventory hotbutton acts as if you right-clicked the inventory slot, including checking to see if Alt or Shift are held down.

For now, simply don't do set any keys for hotbuttons that will contain inventory slots that have Alt or Shift in them.

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