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Default Default Ui2DAnimation[6]:A_CharacterSelect[708] referenced but NEVER declared

i made the fix to the equi_animations file and still get this error

UIErrorLog created at Sun Sep 24 22:11:43 2006
[Sun Sep 24 22:11:50 2006] XML reference error! Ui2DAnimation[6]:A_CharacterSelect[708] referenced but NEVER declared!

[Sun Sep 24 22:11:50 2006] Error validating symbol table.
[Sun Sep 24 22:11:50 2006] Error loading skin: loading default skin instead.

Also want to add that the default folder has the EQUI_Characterselect and not the EQUI_Characterlistwnd in the equi_animations file and so i dont know who is right the default animations file or any that are edited!
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