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Well gang, I am officially retiring from EQ. I do not know if this is going to be a permanent thing, but it will definitely be for an extended period of time for the foreseeable future. Due to the severe lack of content in COTF, and now the same thing in TDS has demotivated me to the point of not wanting to log in anymore.

The lack of new content in this, and the last expansion is just disturbing, especially since they are not any cheaper in price than previous expansions with twice (or more) the content. TDS has only 6 new zones, which is the same number as COTF, and is just sad.

I cannot see myself being entertained for an entire year with this "expansion", and paying full price for it is just unconscionable for me.

Be safe my friends, and thank you for your UI loyalty.

[s]P.S. I will be keeping SparxxUI updated for my faithful following, but may need more feedback from you all as I will not be actively testing it in-game. As of this writing, I have everything working in TDS Beta with the exception of a couple of minor things that will be ironed out before it goes live.

** Edit : Yraen is posting the patches to SparxxUI **
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