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Well I know the fix Littlehawkf gave said that it will make the UI work but the map, mail icon for player window, SC button, and last 2 buff slots are not working also. So maybe those other errors have to do with some of those errors? I have not been raiding so the last 2 buff slots don't matter to me right now (and I never have that many buffs outside raiding), the sc I can get to through the eq button (and I rarely use it anyway), and I don't care if my mail icon is in my player window anyway.. So those other errors are not a major issue for me. Just the map window and being able to use all those features for listing zones, etc. are a big thing for me. Although, I have noticed that when you use the window selector (i only use it to get to my merc) the last button for the merc is nothing but a little white box, I can use it to bring my merc up though so it's not a big deal, and I have noticed the buff icons are not the ones that go with the UI and they don't look like the default either which is really weird. Those 2 things could also be causing some type of error also.
I hope that might make it a little easier? (crossing fingers) laugh

Thanks a ton for looking at this!!
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