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Default Announcement Excitement!

Announcing The Legacy of Ykesha (street date Feb 24, 2003)

from today's patch message

The Legacy of Ykesha will be the first download-only extension for EverQuest. This product will not be available in stores. This extension will include some great new gameplay features, as well as new zones for characters ranging from level 35 up to level 60.

Legacy of Ykesha Features include:

A new playable race: Frogloks
Enhanced Looking For Group Tool
New Cartography System
New Magic Item slot: Charms
Armor Dyes
Dozens of new creatures
Expanded bank capacity
New zones
New spells

For more information, please visit (was still coming soon screen as of this post - Kudane)

Also a new patch window has been spotted

click image to make larger

Read the Entire Patch Message Here for more information

It includes a minor change to the Options window, but very few mods have this in it, soo 99% of all working mods should see no change.

- Kudane
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