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One would think so; however, if elements were defined incorrectly one of two things would happen: A) a UI error and / or crash to default;or B) a new border with messed up graphics due to incorrect Ui2DAnimations.

Neither of those results occur. Nothing occurs. The two templates in question are:

WDT_AchievementOpen (Filigree border with black background)
WDT_AchievementCompleted (Filigree Border with blue background)

WDT_AchievementOpen is called as a template in both EQUI_AchievementsWnd.xml and EQUI_AchievementWnd.xml. Nowhere can i find a reference to the blue background template WDT_AchievementCompleted. My hunch is that template is called on the backend when the game renders the window and checks for quest flags.

I don't have a full file. I trashed them since they don't work. It's easy to test yourself.

In the EQUI_AchievementsWnd.xml, replace:




Stick this code wherever you want:

<WindowDrawTemplate item="WDT_AchievementOpen_TEST">

You can even make a matching completed border:

<WindowDrawTemplate item="WDT_AchievementCompleted_TEST">

That should make both borders disappear with only a background of your choosing.

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