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Originally Posted by Corydon
I don't think it can be changed.
DBG just changed the EQtypes 26, 27 (and more) to be more digits.
Not sure if EQ's XML allows string operations (cut off 1 or 2 decimals before displaying).
If anyone knows and shared the knowledge I'd be happy to learn though =)
(I'd prefer 2 over 3 decimals.)

there are actually several ways to adjust if you are wanting to keep it as a triple (100%) digit would need to change the size settings for the text so that it would line up in the window.

<Label item="Player_Exp"> <ScreenID>Player_Exp</ScreenID> <EQType>26</EQType> <Text>100</Text> <RelativePosition>true</RelativePosition> <Location> <X>75</X> <Y>185</Y> </Location> <Size> <CX>22</CX> <--- dictate's the "window" For the numbers <CY>14</CY> </Size> <TextColor> <R>255</R> <G>255</G> <B>0</B> </TextColor> <NoWrap>true</NoWrap> <AlignCenter>false</AlignCenter> <AlignRight>true</AlignRight> <AlignLeft>false</AlignLeft> <Font>2</Font> </Label>

so if u where wanting to change the size of the "window" lower the number to change the amount of Visible numbers from 100.000% to 100.0% this is an example and it will Vary between UI's some might have to add the icon size to create a "window" for the Value's

another way to adjust is to add a Text offset and make the adjustments there using.

<TextOffsety>10</TextOffsety> <TextOffsetX>1</TextOffsetX>

there are a few other methods but those are the easier ones to work with.
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