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Default EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml spellbook btn

I cannot get the spellbook button to appear on EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml

I uploaded the skin UI I'm working on at

There is some sample code with a working spellbook button, but I can't get it working on mine. Here's the sample theme:

EQUI_CastSpellWnd.xml ...

<Button item="CSPW_SpellBook"> <ScreenID>CSPW_SpellBook</ScreenID> <!--<Font>3</Font>--> <RelativePosition>true</RelativePosition> <Location> <X>-1</X> <Y>318</Y> </Location> <Size> <CX>18</CX> <CY>11</CY> </Size> <Style_Transparent>false</Style_Transparent> <TooltipReference>Opens and closes Your Spellbook</TooltipReference> <Style_Checkbox>true</Style_Checkbox> <!--<RadioGroup/>--> <ButtonDrawTemplate> <Normal>A_BookBtnNormal</Normal> <Pressed>A_BookBtnPressed</Pressed> <Flyby>A_BookBtnFlyby</Flyby> <Disabled>A_BookBtnDisabled</Disabled> <PressedFlyby>A_BookBtnPressedFlyby</PressedFlyby> </ButtonDrawTemplate> </Button> <Screen item = "CastSpellWnd"> ......... <Pieces>CSPW_SpellBook</Pieces> ......... </Screen>

EQUI_Animations.xml ...
<Ui2DAnimation item = "A_BookBtnNormal"> <Cycle>true</Cycle> <Frames> <Texture>window_pieces01.tga</Texture> <Location> <X>181</X> <Y>61</Y> </Location> <Size> <CX>22</CX> <CY>22</CY> </Size> <Hotspot> <X>0</X> <Y>0</Y> </Hotspot> <Duration>1000</Duration> </Frames> </Ui2DAnimation>

It looks correct to me. No errors present in UIErrors.txt
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