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OK to the Inventory window:

On the register card Inventory, there is a lot of free space on the right and at the bottom, but that is due to SOE put in the new registercard Stats.

I had a lot of errors when i tried to get it without the stats page or to try the to put the stats page into another window. But due to the stats registercard needs so much space i had to make the window bigger. But i did not find the time to reorganice the inventory page. So you will have to live with the free space for the moment.

The part with the adcancement window i know. But that has something to do with the default. Don't ask me why, atm i can't find the error. I tried 2 different versions of the default UI from SOE, with one i have no problems with the advancement window and with the newer default, i can't see the whole left side under Underfoot. Problem is that the UI take this window out of the default. So i first need to look where the problem really is.

@ Ista, yes i can send a vertikal one, but every one of my friends wanted a horizontal for this window so i just made it that way. But if you give me a few days i will send you an vertikal version. Pls send me your email but as i postet befor atm my provider is sending my DSL all 5 min in hollidays Sorry

@ Ellora, take the Lodidodi overtaken zip out of the downloads complete sets. Its everything in what you need and you don't have to patch anything just unzip and its running

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