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Originally Posted by Fnyyen
i had to change mine to <AlignLeft> and shrank the size down to 18 - 19, and that is all depending on your Font Selection, i found it easier to just go with the 99.5 and knock off the rest of the numbers just not sure what it will look like if it ever got to 100.0% tho. as for the <TextOffsetX> its very dependent on the XML code its using

Was what I did too. the textoffset did nothing.
In my code :

<Label item ="XPPercent">

I just changed <AlignRight>true</AlignRight> to <AlignLeft>true</AlignLeft>

and adjusted the box size


to hold only the first digit.

I think 100.0 will not happen. as my HP and mana labels all say "100", so I think the definitions automaticly cuts off a .0 digit wich is also pointless to have and exp. will never go past 100, as your officially levelled up when you hit 100%
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