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Default Recent UI xml changes

Greetings. I've been looking to tinker with / keep updated the Sparxx UI shell, for test and then live, but the last few patches on test have introduced changes I cant seem to fix (keyrings dont work, right clicking items as of todays patch crashes the game, a few tabs arent displaying what they should be).

When I used to maintain another UI mod (Spaghetti, I think it was), I knew how to parse the XML files for changes (and usually was beaten to the punch by someone else), but I seem to be really dumb with that having not done it since... DoN. I would appreciate any info on getting back to that people have, or if someones parsed them for a different UI, I would love to see them. I havent seen anything on the site since the TBM patch, but theres going to be some potentially frustrating changes on live in the next patch, so getting ahead of that would be neat.

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