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Default tricky tricks

There are lots of ways to fudge things. But they're not very 'clean' and are one-off solutions.

My first idea is to make the button (or rather, both buttons) totally transparent, possibly through a buttondraw template that uses different graphics. Then, in the place where you actually want the logout button to appear use some background graphics, or just an overlapping control behind the button that 'looks like' a button. If you replace all graphics in the buttondrawtemplate with transparent you will lose the nifty effect of the logout button appearing to 'depress' as it's clicked on, but it'll still function. But if you can get away with replacing only the Normal graphics, and leave the Pressed and Disabled graphics visible, it will still look right.

My second idea is to set RelativePosition to FALSE on that button. It might be possible to make it draw somewhere else (either the lower right of the screen, or perhaps at some negative coordinates) where it isn't actually seen. But... that's probably what it's already doing to itself behind the scenes, so might have no effect.

Third idea is to set that button to negative coordinates (such as -200,-200). Possibly directly, but you could also try doing it with autostretch. Then, in order to get the logout button to appear in the right place, you would create a small layout window to 'hold' the logout button, positioned exactly 200 left and 200 down from where you want the logout button to actually appear.

Fourth idea is to mess with the OverlapLeft and OverlapTop settings in the WindowDrawTemplate. Something around positive 100 or 200 should be enough, but you could even experiment with negative numbers. You can use these to get controls to appear outside of their own window's borders, and thus maybe trick the admin button into shifting itself off-screen. I used to use this to cover up items that we aren't allowed to remove, such as title bars on chat windows. You'd probably have to adjust locations of everything in the window with the logout button in a funky way to compensate, but it should be possible.
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